Artist at the Workhouse Marketing Submission Process 

The Workhouse is happy to help resident and Arches Gallery artists raise awareness of significant moments in their artistic careers, as well as to work in partnership with artists to promote the Workhouse Arts Center and its extensive visual arts, performing arts, education, and special events programming.

If there’s an important milestone – such as an exhibition, exhibit reception, new collection of works, technique demo/new class, selection for a unique honor, etc. – that you’d like to have shared with the larger Workhouse community or possibly included in various Workhouse promotional materials, please review this document for the types of information and resources to submit to the Workhouse, relevant deadlines, and how you can assist in spreading the word about your exciting news.

Workhouse staff will review your submission and, as appropriate, determine how best to utilize Workhouse digital, social, print, and other media to promote your news. Opportunities for promotion vary based on a variety of factors, so the Workhouse cannot guarantee a specific news item will be selected for promotion.

Easy as 1, 2, 3


Review the online submission form at and prepare the information necessary to promote your event.

  • Ensure that text has been edited for clarity, grammar/spelling, and accuracy (prepare a bio (200 words max) and statement of promotion/exhibit statements (500 word max));
  • Ensure all images are AT LEAST 800x600 @ 72dpi (ideally 300dpi) and are JPG or PNG format;
  • Ensure all materials reflect well on the quality of your own work and, by extension, on the Workhouse Arts Center.


Submit information electronically using the online form.


Share your news through your own email, digital, and social media channels.

  • Follow the Workhouse Facebook page (@WorkhouseArts)  (
  • Share your information through Facebook events or posts on your own Facebook page;
  • On your personal Facebook page, change post privacy settings to PUBLIC for any posts you’d like others to be able to share;
  • Tag the Workhouse on Facebook (@workhousearts) or on Instagram (@workhousearts)
  • Post updates to other social media channels like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.


Please keep in mind that each year the Workhouse produces and promotes more than 100 exhibits, 300 performing arts events, 800 arts education classes, and many special events including Brewfest, Haunted Trail, Fireworks, and more. This means it’s critical to submit your information and supporting materials as early as possible, and to ensure that your submission is complete, accurate, and reflects the quality and creativity of your art.

  • Featured Artist: Submit information and supporting high-quality images THREE MONTHS PRIOR to your show. For example: If you’re W-5’s Featured Artist for December, this means your information must be submitted by September 1. (After June 1, 2017, material submitted less than three months prior to an exhibit may not be accepted.)


  • Other Events/Accolades/Activities: Rolling deadline. If there’s something interesting going on in your artistic career, please share it with us. We’ll consider sharing the news, as appropriate and possible, with the wider Workhouse audience.


Consistent with the Workhouse Artist Program Policy, the artist grants permission to the Workhouse to utilize for promotional purposes any information and images submitted in service of the promotion of the artist and/or the Workhouse Arts Center.

Monetary Compensation

No monetary compensation will be provided to the artist for the use of any images submitted to the Workhouse as part of promotion requests.

Image Credit

The Workhouse relies on a wide variety of resources – including platforms, publications, services, and technologies – in its promotional efforts. Many of these resources are owned and operated by third parties, limiting the ability of the Workhouse to control exactly where and how images are used, where credit text is placed or formatted (if allowed at all), etc. The Workhouse will make attempts but cannot guarantee explicit credit will be given.

Generally speaking:

  • When an image is used in a smaller/thumbnail format, or if a subset of the image is used in part of a larger, more complex design (e.g., catalog cover) comprised of multiple elements in which the image is not the primary focus of the design, explicit credit will typically not be provided.


  • If an image is used in a larger format or as the focal point of a design or promotional effort (e.g., one imagine comprising the cover of a catalog, banner graphic for a Facebook event listing, used as a banner graphic in a mass email, etc.) the Workhouse will make every reasonable effort to provide explicit credit when it is able – typically this includes owned media, such as the Workhouse web site, Facebook page, and in emails; credit will likely be given at the destination of online promotions (e.g., not in the email itself, but on the target page after a user clicks a hyperlink.) Additionally, the Workhouse cannot guarantee that other media outlets, event listing sites, or other promotional services/platforms will provide the ability to include image credits.


  • Given the number of exhibits and events that must be produced and promoted, in most cases we will be unable to contact you if any of the requested information is missing or unusable.


  • Additionally, at our sole discretion, the information and images provided may be used to promote your specific news or event OR the information may be edited, aggregated, packaged, or otherwise combined with other Workhouse news, events, and activities to promote the Workhouse generally or specific Workhouse events, now or in the future.


  • The Workhouse reserves the right to edit content for length, accuracy, grammar, and any other way that we believe, at our sole discretion, reflects well on the artist and the institution. Additionally, the Workhouse may edit and use the images submitted, in whole or in part, to provide supporting visuals to social media, print publications, event materials, digital media, or in other contexts or platforms as may arise in the future.