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Medium: Photography and Mixed Media


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Background: Kathy is a lifelong artist receiving a BS in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland in 1978. She started off her career as a designer & art director for the World Bank & USAID. But, her passion for photography grew each day being asked to photograph businesses/non-profits, people, places, and things all around me. She was encouraged by friends and family saying “you’re good!”… with that, she continued to push herself, learn more and melded her design background into her photographic vision. Over time, feeling trapped in the left-brain world of business, Kathy got her certification as a Creatively Fittm coach in 2011. With paintbrush & crayons in hand, she really started exploring her creative side. She now melds both the photography and creative coaching into her daily life – as well as others. During her career, Kathy has won numerous awards for her business, design and photography. She is also a published author of the new coloring book, “Coloring Your Spirit: designs & meditations to spark the creative in all of us”.

Influences:  Photography: Ansel Adams, Matthew Brady, Ann Geddes

Creative: my teacher/coach, Whitney Freya

The motto she lives by: “Live life, love life, paint life, create life! I love showing people that as humans, we are innately creative & everyone’s an artist. I love sharing my passion of creativity, taking pictures, telling stories, and giving back. I’m an artist, photographer… I am a visual storyteller”.

Artist’s Statement: Have you ever walked by a scene & what you see takes your breath away? You remember these images in your dreams, they might be clear, they might be small & slightly out of focus… but for some reason it sticks with you… you feel it’s energy… it makes you feel good. I try to capture this energy in each piece I create—allowing the viewer to feel.

My design background actually comes to life in my artwork. I compose my photographs with precision and harmony—sensitive to graphic composition, repetition, color, rhythm, reflection, pattern and aesthetics—always look at what makes the scene spark. My doodle art comes from my heart—I never know where the piece is going to take me, I allow it to vibrate as I create it and when it’s finished, it always amazes me. I enjoy seeing how my art connects to the piece. But, no matter what I shoot or create, I always see the balance and composition between the elements.


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