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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

August Featured Artists and Studio Building Exhibitions

Event Date: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 to Friday, August 31, 2012
Campus Wide

We proudly present our Featured Artists and Studio Exhibitions for the month of August at the Workhouse Arts Center.  Please contact us for more images and information if you would like to publish an article about a specific exhibit. Thank you!
**Unless otherwise noted, the opening reception for all studio shows and featured artists listed below will be held campus-wide in conjunction with the 2nd Saturday Art Walk, August 11 from 6-9 pm.**
Building W-4 Featured Artist: Mary Gallagher Stout
More information to come soon.
*Attached Image:
London Games by Mary Gallagher Stout
Building W-5 Featured Artist: Audrey Relene Schuster
Artist Audrey Relene Schuster will present her solo exhibition entitled “Stamp it Out" and other large abstract paintings from August 8- September 2, 2012. Please join him for an opening reception in the Studio 5 Gallery on Saturday, August 11 from 6-9pm during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.
Artist Statement – Audrey Relene Schuster. Solo Exhibition

Using personally-made stamps, I create textural, surrealistic landscapes that please the eye.  Placement of the stamped design creates shape and movement throughout the painting.  I begin each painting by traditional painting methods and then allow the stamping to create unity and texture.  Each stamp is a small unit (microcosm) that unites with other stamps to form big shapes signifying how each small thing, insignificant in itself, can unite with other small things to create a greater whole.
*Attached Image:
Heavenly Bodies by Audrey Relene Schuster
Building W-6 Featured Artist: Crystal Rodrigue
Artist Statement – Crystal Rodrigue
My current show, “As I See It,” further explores my work with gilding and photographic images. I place more emphasis on the gilding and the images by placing them on raw steel sheets to create a neutral background and shift the viewer’s focus to the gilded images. I select images that I personally find interesting or important.
*Attached Images:
Ledge by Crystal Rodrigue
Building W-7 Featured Artist: Suellen Black
Artist Statement – Suellen Black
For August, the Glasshouse (W-7) features Suellen Black’s recent work in both kiln formed glass and mosaics.
Suellen’s kiln formed glass work offers us all an escape from the summer heat by featuring works that depict vacation shorelines.. Her work captures the look of tidal pools as if a wave has just reached the beach.  These detailed works have a very textural quality that temps the visitor to want to touch the work.  With her use of iridized glass, she captures the shimmer of the sun on the water. In additional works she creates the landscape views of a lake.  The inspiration for this work is favorite beaches or vacations.
The beautiful flowers that bloom in the summer inspire Suellen’s glass mosaics. She uses both the texture and the vibrant tones of the stained glass to capture these flowers. She also combines her two mediums by creating custom kiln formed tiles to incorporate in her mosaic work.   
*Attached Images:
Poppy by Suellen Black
Building W-8 Studio Exhibition: Ceramics Resident Artists
A recurring exhibit of functional and sculptural works by Ceramic Resident Artists can be seen in Ceramics Building W-8 throughout the month.
Building W-9 Featured Artist: Gina Cochran
Artist Statement – Gina Cochran
Order and Chaos
My work is a visual interpretation of my everyday life; the joy, the chaos, the quiet and precious space between big memorable moments. Whether I am attempting to tame the chaos or throwing the doors open to it, it's all there, real and uncensored. Presently my works seems to take one of two distinct paths; linear and orderly, with quiet spaces to reflect and regroup, or circular forms bursting with energy on larger fields.  I work very intuitively and I have come to realize that, on some level, with the series containing linear forms, I am in some way attempting to “order the chaos” that is my everyday life. With the circular series, it’s much more representational of that ever present and somewhat underappreciated “chaos” – like two very different children, I love them equally.
While I consider myself a painter, or mixed media artist, I am currently working primarily in encaustic, specifically encaustic collage.  I am drawn to this medium for many reasons, not the least of which is that this is the most sensual of any medium I’ve ever worked with. Since encaustic is molten wax, there is, of course heat, there’s the scent of the wax, the textural, tactile nature of the finished piece as well as the depth and luminosity that, for me, seems to be the magic of this medium.
Visit the artist’s studio at the Lorton Workhouse building 9, Studio 11 or the artist’s website at www.ginacochran.com.
*Attached Images:
Ten Years Later by Gina Cochran
Building W-10 Studio Exhibition: August Group Show “Full Color”
Building W-10 presents August Group Show from August 9-September 2. The show will highlight a selection of works by the artists in Building W-10. The opening reception will be on August 11 from 6-9pm during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.
*Attached Image:
New Day by Bill Firestone
Associate Artists: Karen Rexrode and Leesa Woodard
Karen Rexrode
Karen Rexrode's photography based art becomes something much more tactile when it's blended with wood, metal, fabric and plexiglass. Karen enjoys the sensual lines found in nature and explored them to build this show titled "Curves". Her favorite subjects are trees, the human form and flowers, with which she has a lot of experience, having owned her own nursery for twenty-five years. Techniques used to finish the pieces in the show include transferring images to wood, printing on custom substrates made from fabric and molding paste as well as layered images using plexiglass or acrylic sheets.  
Karen Rexrode founded and owned Windy Hill Plant Farm in Loudoun County for twenty-five years. She currently works as an estate gardener and as a retail assistant at a large nursery. 
*Attached Image:
Katy T with ferris wheel by Karen Rexrode
Leesa Woodard
An original member of the Workhouse, Leesa Woodard creates in acrylic, oil, photography, and mixed media. “Pattern Rhythms—Sight and Sequence” is the title of her August 2012 Featured Artist show. The canvases depict a variety of wildlife coat and skin patterns. Her focus is so defined—and magnified—that the skin patterns and hues can take on an abstract quality. On some it might be difficult to recognize that the subject is a living creature, until you see the amplified view of an eye. The collection encompasses a diversity of species, but whether the subject inhabits the sky, ocean, or savannah, commonality can be found in the complexity and beauty of the rhythmic patterns and eyes.
Ms. Woodard received a MFA in Visual Information Technology with a major in Painting from George Mason University.
*Attached Image:
Parrot-fish by Leesa Woodard

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