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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Blurring Boundaries

Event Date: 
Friday, August 31, 2012 to Sunday, September 23, 2012
W-16 - McGuireWoods Gallery

Public Opening Reception: Saturday, September 1, 5-7pm

The Han-Mee Korean Artists Association of Greater Washington, D.C. present Blurring Boundaries, an exhibition in the McGuireWoods Gallery. 

Blurring Boundaries brings together works by the Han-Mee Artist Association (HMAA), a non-profit artistic organization consisting of Korean American artists who have immigrated to the metropolitan Washington D.C. area, over the last four decades.  Organized by curator Julie Jungsil Lee, PhD and located in the Workhouse McGuireWoods Gallery, the exhibition is comprised of works by 34 Korean-American artists in a diverse range of media such as painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, metal (art), fiber art, mixed media, and video art.
Blurring Boundaries is an opportunity to examine the individual artist’s visual response to their quest for integration into American society. Due to their diverse cultural backgrounds, they have explored their artistic identities as a hybrid between Korea and America, Asian and western culture, old traditional Korean art and contemporary art practice. 
These Korean American artists challenge the established paradigm of the contemporary art world by defining their own artistic identity while often being labeled as part of a communal or collective vision; they deal with the issues of boundaries between places, time, identities, cultures, disciplines, genres, and media.  Curator (Julie) Jungsil Lee explains, “Since most of the artists are first generation emigrants, they express memories of and references to their homeland and the tradition to which they are accustomed.  Meanwhile, they had to re-contextualize or reconfigure their Korean identities and tradition in a new site of settlement, America.  The exhibition will be a showcase of how these Korean artists respond differently to American visual culture.”
The participating artists are Enhee Park Dickerson, Hwangbo Han, Insook Lee, Kae Shik Moon Shim, Gonsan Kim, Jongim Chang, Hyun Chough, In-Soon Shin, Wanjin Kim, Jinchul Kim, Hong Min Kim, Irene M. Kim Yi, Jean Kim, Yanghee Lee, Woo Yong Yeo, Eunjeon Kim, Eunmee Chung, Yong-Sil Kim, Kwang Ho Kim, Bok-In Veronica Kim, Myoung Won Kwon, Myungsook Kim, Yumi Hogan, Grace Sunsook Shin, Sunhee Kim Jung, Amy Kyungae Kim, Joan Jeongju Yi, Jeong Sook Doh, Barbara Yoosooja Han, Mi Young Ju Lee, Komelia Hongja Okim (invited artist), Si Jae Byun (invited artist).  Joan Yi is a Workhouse artist in Building W-4, studio 404.
The exhibition curator Julie Jungsil Lee, Ph.D. is an adjunct professor at the Corcoran College of Art + Design and the director of ArTrio, which is a leading company of global art exhibition, education and art exchange. During the opening reception, the curator and featured artists will talk about the exhibition theme and their artistic concept along with a performance by renowned calligrapher, Myoung Won Kwon.
In 1975, fifteen artists living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area founded The Korean American Artists Association of Greater Washington, DC as an organization for artists of Korean heritage to exhibit their works. HMAA works to encourage visual artists, to promote exposure to the visual arts, and to increase public awareness of the vitality, quality, and wide diversity of media and styles of Korean- American artists.

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