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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

December Featured Artists

Event Date: 
Saturday, December 1, 2012 to Monday, December 31, 2012
Campus Wide

We proudly present our Featured Artists and Studio Exhibitions for the month of December at the Workhouse Arts Center. 
Unless otherwise noted, the opening reception for all studio shows and featured artists listed below will be held campus-wide in conjunction with the 2nd Saturday Art Walk, December 8, from 6-9 pm.


Building W-4 Studio Exhibition: Tiny Treasures: Artful Gifts Galore!

Studio 4 Artists present their group exhibition Tiny Treasures: Artful Gifts Galore!”  Please join them for an opening reception in the Studio 4 Gallery on Saturday, December 8 from 6-9pm during the December 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

Miguel by the Art Monkeys, W-4 

Building W-5 Featured Artist: Songmi Park

Artist Songmi Park will present her solo exhibition entitled Fly With Me” from December 5, 2012-January 6, 2013. Please join her for an opening reception in the Studio 5 Gallery on Saturday, December 8 from 6-9pm during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

Artist Statement:
“Fly with Me” 

I fly to a field
and twitter with the emptiness.

Thousands of grasses are dancing
with the memories.

The sudden wind blows me to a hill
where I perch until darkness.

Then I soar far beyond 
with much promise.

Fly with me.

Reading the Wind by Songmi Park, W-5, 48"x36" Acrylic

Building W-6 Featured Artist: Ann Liddle

Ann Liddle is featured artist in December in Building 6 of the Workhouse Arts Center.  She is showing "Stripes Reinterpreted," a series of fiber works using stripes but with a twist.  Each piece starts as approximately the same size with strips of various widths sewn together but by cutting, rearranging, and sometimes filling in, Ann creates pieces with unusual shapes and dimensions.  The width of the strips in each piece is based on the Fibonacci series.  The opening reception is 6-9pm on Saturday, Dec 8.

On Balance by Ann Liddle, W-6


Building W-7 Group Exhibition: Holiday Showcase

Join us for the Holiday Showcase in the Glasshouse throughout the month of December. An extra-large selection of handcrafted glass art has been collected and is on display throughout the month in an expanded gallery.  Whether you come to admire or purchase our artwork, you are sure to enjoy your visit to the Glasshouse at the Workhouse Arts Center.


Building W-8 Studio Exhibition: Ceramics Resident Artists

A recurring exhibit of functional and sculptural works by Ceramic Resident Artists can be seen in Ceramics Building W-8 throughout the month.


Building W-9 Studio Exhibition: Resident Studio Artists

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year, you will find something for everyone on your list at the Workhouse Building 9 Gallery.  For November and December we are having our annual 2 month Small Works Show! Stop by for 2nd Saturday Festivities in both November and December to see what the artists are offering this year for Santa’s stocking.  You will find original handmade ornaments dangling from our tree and a festive atmosphere all around so plan to make the Workhouse Gallery 9 part of your holiday tradition.

Exploration Series No.1-12  by Gina Cochran, W-9


Building W-10 Studio Exhibition: Building 10 Christmas Show

Studio 10 Artists present their group exhibition Building 10 Christmas Show” from December 6, 2012-January 6, 2013. All the artists of Building 10 are showing new works. Please join them for an opening reception in the Studio 10 Gallery on Saturday, December 8 from 6-9pm during the December 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

Red Light by Bill Firestone, 10X10, acrylic on canvas, W-10


Featured Associate Artist: Lesley Clarke

Artist Statement – Lesley Clarke

I was born and raised in Scotland and have been creating and painting most of my life. I work with acrylics, found objects, and related media to prepare abstract works that typically reflect complex, multi-themed visualizations.  I focus on embedding emotion, often conflict, into my creations.  My goal is to draw the viewer into the piece and to fully reflect the underlying theme, conveying that emotion, feeling, or conflict independently and without distractions from specific elements of the piece.

Most of the works you see here draw their inspirational theme from places in Scotland.  My experiences, memories, and feelings of each place drives the colour palette.  Using that palette, the natural shape and feeling of the place is reflected in the piece by line work, collage, and other techniques.  Some of the pieces are created on a wooden box that I inked and then shaped with paint and objects; others are similarly constructed but on paper or canvas.  I have tried to arrange this subset of my work in groups

Achnacairn Bay II by Lesley Clarke, Vulcan Gallery, 22”x29”, Acrylic/Mixed Media

Rust Belt by Lesley Clarke, Vulcan Gallery, 31”x31”, Acrylic/Mixed Media 


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