Artists Facilities Work Request Form:
For maintenance request (not including lights). For emergencies, contact campus Security (information on form).

Artists Light Form:
For maintenance request. For emergencies, contact campus Security (information on form).

Artist Marketing Submission Process:
To help resident/studio and Arches Gallery Artists at the Workhouse to raise awareness of significant events or happenings, such as being Featured Artist or winning an award.

New Artist at the Workhouse Form:
To provide Workhouse staff with needed information on incoming artists to lease studios or exhibit in the Arches Gallery. Includes a W9

Arches Gallery Artist Agreement:
General agreement for new artists in the Arches Gallery program. Similar to a lease agreement for renting artists.
Coming Soon


Artist Exit Form:
For all Artists at the Workhouse (Arches Gallery, Studio Artists, Resident Artists) to use when they know they will be exiting the program and/or ending their lease.

Exhibits – General Art Loan Agreement:
To use when requested by the Director of Visual Arts or for exhibits including the Art Lab and SCAPE Warrior Way exhibits.

Artwork Drop:
To use when requested.

Campus Art Installation Proposal:
to propose an on-campus temporary art installation on Campus (Artists at the Workhosue only).