Open Call for Exhibits

Open Call for Exhibits
The Workhouse Arts Center offers artists and curators and groups opportunities to exhibit at the Workhouse in one of many galleries.  This open call facilitates interested parties in communicating information to the Center.  There is no deadline for entries. Please allow for one-two month processing.

Entry Instructions:
  Open to all artists, groups or curators.

Entry Fee:   $8 administrative fee.

  As a non-profit, the Workhouse may offer exhibit space, basic installation support and basic in house advertising but does not necessarily fund all/additional exhibit needs. Potential exhibitors should be prepared with a budget and potential funds.

Please Note: The Workhouse serves a large population.  Most exhibits are group exhibits and mounted in collaboration with community and academic partners.  While artists, groups and curators are encouraged to enter this open call, it is a very competitive.  Most exhibits are scheduled at least one year in advance.  Selection may include an interview and discussions with the Workhouse Visual Arts Department.

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