Please consider making a contribution to support the activities at the Workhouse Arts Center. Your gift, along with many others, will be used to enhance programming and build our efforts to serve the community.




You may designate how your gift will help the Workhouse:

The Gift of Art: General Support. Your donation to the Workhouse Arts Center truly gives the Gift of Art to visitors, students, and artists throughout our region. Your gift will provide much-needed support for visual arts, arts education, performing arts, and other programs at the Workhouse.

Scholarship Support: The Workhouse Arts Center offers more than 500 classes and workshops during the year. Some people who want to take classes cannot afford the tuition charges. Your gift will help build a scholarship fund for those in need.

Metals Program: This is a gift to support the future educational program focused on the fine art craft of Metals. Significant capital improvements are needed in order to begin this exciting new program. Once complete the Workhouse can begin programming in Bladesmithing, blacksmithing, forging and much more.

Ceramics Program: The Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Program is a collective and highly dynamic environment with the goal of promoting Ceramic Arts through research, education and outreach. With such significant facility needs, your support will ensure the continuation and growth of this exciting program.

Glass Program: The Workhouse Arts Center Glass Program is a collective and highly interactive environment with the goal of the promotion of the glass arts through research, education and outreach. Your support will help fund the continuation and growth of the many facility needs associated with this program.

Workhouse Military in the Arts Initiative: The (WMAI) is rooted in the Workhouse Arts Center’s desire to address the needs and improve the lives of military service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers through the arts. Your contribution ensures we can continue offering free experiences to our military students.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting the Workhouse Arts Center through our various giving options, please contact the Workhouse at (703) 584-2900 and ask for the Development Office.

Annual Fund Donations

The Workhouse’s Annual Fund supports all aspects of the organization – from maintaining free gallery admission to ensuring high-quality exhibitions and performances. Your unrestricted gift will go directly towards our mission to foster an environment where the arts, education, history and community can connect and grow.

Stock + Real Estate Gifts

Non-cash gifts, also referred to as in-kind gifts, are a way to support the Workhouse through the transferring of assets, including stocks and real estate, to the organization. These gifts ensure the future of the Workhouse in ways unlike monetary donations.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a meaningful way to contribute to the Workhouse Arts Center’s future stability and to give beyond your current assets. By adding the Workhouse to your will or insurance policy, you are ensuring that our mission will be sustained for years to come.

Endowments/Special Projects

Interested in supporting a specific portion of the Workhouse’s mission? Consider making a restricted gift or establishing an endowment to direct funds to a certain project or program. Examples include gifts supporting the Ceramics Program, Performing Arts Program or even the newly-renovated Prison Museum.

Endowed positions provide salary for a staff position for an extended period of time. By endowing a position in your name or in the name of a loved one, you help the Workhouse attract high-quality staff members.


Volunteer at the Workhouse Arts Center
Contact our volunteer coordinator at 703-584-2900 or click the Contact Us button. We're happy to provide more information, answer any questions, or send you a volunteer application.

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