The Art of Movement (AOM) Program at the Workhouse Arts Center is a unique, innovative approach to health and wellness featuring a variety of traditional and contemporary mind-body offerings. Our facilities include five beautiful studios where private and group classes are held in practices such as: Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Tai Chi, Rowing, Hula Hoop Fit, Surfset, Bodyblade and more.

Our program is suitable for everyone, since most classes are self-paced, allowing you to challenge yourself where you feel comfortable. IN addition our program does not require any prior experience to participate in any of our classes. Our classes are led by knowledgable and experienced instructors.

The AOM Program currently offers online live classes via Zoom and in-person classes as well as private and semi-private pilates and therapeutic yoga training. Classes in this program follow continuous 8-week sessions and most classes can be joined at any time.

Learn more about and register for our in-person classes here.

Learn more about and register for our online, live Zoom classes here.


Enjoy these recorded classes you can do at home!

Pilates Stretch

Body Tone

Chair Pilates

Yoga at Home

Flow Yoga

Body Blade


Coming soon!


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