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Wendy is a dedicated artist and instructor. She would rather be in her home studio creating new artwork with her hands than almost anywhere else. Her formal art training resulted in a Bachelor of Fine Arts and included expanding her skills in drawing, painting and photography and though she still can’t resist dabbling in these from time to time, her true passion is working with clay. She cannot resist the endless possibilities of creating with clay, whether it be 2-or 3-dimensional, intricately carved and hand-painted or glazed with large swaths of color, or choosing what combination of handbuilding and wheel throwing her piece will entail. Her background in drawing and painting greatly influences her use of line and  color.

Inspiration for her designs are taken from her childhood and her surroundings, as well as her love for the natural environment.

Mountain living and ocean visits inspire her lush, hand-painted designs as well as the texture that is a familiar signature among her sculptural pieces. Her use of earth tones is also a reflection of natures influence and is deliberately utilized to enhance the shapes and textures in her pieces. She is also influenced by some extraordinary techniques of other artists she has had the pleasure of observing and meeting in workshops and at conferences.

Wendy’s philosophy is to create inspiring and unique functional pieces that will bring happiness and enhance the home and daily life by bringing in that handmade touch and a connection to Art.


Discover how our mission comes to life at our Second Saturday Art Walk.
The second Saturday of every month, from 6p-9p. Fine art galleries, artists, live music, wine + craft beer, and so much more!

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