The Workhouse Arts Center believes that an arts education is necessary to an individual’s perception and understanding of the world in which we live. Creative learning enables students to interpret these perceptions in visual or performative form. Art education teaches students to respect and appreciate their own interpretations and those of others. Our program allows every student to increase positive attitudes towards self, others, and the environment through creative experiences. The Workhouse Arts Center provides art instruction that helps develop basic art skills, encourage visual awareness and promote intellectual growth and creative self-expression.

Registration for Summer classes is now open. In-person classes begin June 22. You can Register here. Choose the area you want to explore from the left-side menu.

Classes initially will be limited to 10 participants and common areas will be cleaned in between classes by teachers. You can view our Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Program here.

We are also thrilled to bring you both live and recorded online classes! See below for those current offerings.

Teaching Opportunities

The Workhouse is currently seeking Visual Arts Instructors to offer classes in Ceramics, Drawing, Glass, Fiber, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography and Sculpture for all ages, and all skill levels. Opportunities are available to teach online or in-person. Interested Arts Instructors can email their resume and letter of interest to

Live Online Classes

We are offering live online classes in Art of Movement, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Private Music Lessons. The classes take place through Zoom. View Art of Movement live online classes here.

Below is a sampling of courses to choose from. Click here for more detailed descriptions, dates, times, pricing and to register. Once you register to secure your seat, you will receive a confirmation email for your class you and then will receive a second email from your instructor with a private link to attend the special course via the ZOOM platform!

If you have any questions please email

Register here.

Recorded Online Classes

Our recorded on-demand classes are available for you to take at anytime. You are able to rewatch videos and send questions to instructors. You can even go back and take the entire series over.

Once you register the first class is an overview and includes a supply list.

We are adding new classes on an ongoing basis so be sure to check back frequently. If you’d like to be notified when new classes are available sign up to receive our e-mails.

Register here or at the links below.

Visual Arts Live Streaming Classes

Making Mosaics at Home with Anita Bucsay Amron

Create your own beautiful mosaic at home. Demo videos will be provided, discussing class topics.  We will meet online using the Zoom platform.  You will be assigned ‘homework’ which will prepare you for the following week’s lesson.  New student kits can be ordered from the instructor for $95 which includes shipping (or you can pick up in Reston and save shipping), or you can acquire your own supplies.  This is a fast track class suitable for beginners to expert.

Register here.

Drawing for Beginners (and Intermediates) with Marni Maree

No Previous Drawing Experience is required. In this class you will learn to SEE better and explore different ways of drawing. You will learn about contours, gestures, light and shadow and many ways to draw what you see.

Register here.

Finish Those Paintings with Marni Maree

You know that pile of unfinished paintings you have? What is keeping you from finishing them? Marni tells us more in this video about this class.

Register here.

Visual Arts Recorded Classes

Sculpting the Hand in Clay with Debra Balestreri

Students examine the materials and processes for sculpting the hand using yourself as the live model. They investigate clay sculpture techniques focused on tool use, armatures and anatomy and can explore their own individual styles. This figurative sculpture class is suitable for beginning students with no art background or intermediate students with a background in ceramics. The class is a series of videos from multiple angles over a series of days where students can watch the instructor create a work from start to finish. Students can watch at their leisure, take their time, watch the videos more than once and submit questions to the instructor.

Register here.

All About Paper Quilling with Trupti More

Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping, gluing and making different things with simple looking colorful paper strips. With quilling you can make bookmarks, magnets, cards, ornaments, key chains, multipurpose boxes, frames and lots of things. The sky is the limit.

Quilling has some amazing benefits for kids as well as adults. It works on fine motor skills including coordination and strength. It is a great way to build hand – eye coordination. It also helps in reducing anxiety. Quilling is also relaxing and calming. You also don’t need expensive material.

In this course you will learn basic shapes, basic scrolls, Malaysian petal, beehive technique, how to make jewelry, quilling comb techniques, how to give 3d effect to flowers, 3d flower pot, 3d angel, how to make monograms. Your Instructor Trupti More will guide you through all these steps . As this is pre-recorded course you can watch these videos again and again whenever you get time.


Register here.

Alla-Prima Oil Painting with Nataliya Gurshman

This is an introductory oil painting class. Students will learn about colors, composition, with the help of brushes and palette knife, and how to make an impression of the still-life or landscape on their canvases. There will be a different setting for every class. Students will create vibrant, textural and colorful paintings.


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Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese brush painting is part of over 2000 years of Chinese culture. Since the Song Dynasty, the four seasons have been represented by the “Four Gentlemen”: Bamboo, Plum Blossom, Orchid and Crystanamum. These plants will be the subject of our paintings. At the beginning of the course I will introduce the art supplies: Ink, bamboo brushes, rice paper, a watercolor set, mixing plates, felt and water containers. Each class will be focused on achieving different types of brushstrokes. The goal of the four week is to have fun, be creative and make great artwork!


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Private Music Lessons Live Streaming

Private Music Lessons

Private music lessons are being offered for violin and viola, flute, voice, piano, guitar and cello. These lessons are for current students only.

Here’s a sample of Violin shifting lesson.

If you are a new student, please email before you register. 

Register here.

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