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Workhouse Mural Project and Festival

August 3, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Workhouse Arts Center
Ackshun Jackson

Workhouse Mural Project and Festival

Join us on Saturday, August 3rd for the inaugural Workhouse Mural Project (WMP) and Festival. This one-day event is the first mural project of its kind in Fairfax County, Virginia and will showcase the creativity of regional artists whose primary art form is mural painting. This outdoor festival include live painting by skilled muralists, live music and performances, food trucks, cash bar, local vendors and sponsor booths, and more. Meet and greet our muralists, watch them create new works of art, and enjoy a day of fun and creativity with family and friends.

The WMP will provide guests from across the DMV and surrounding communities with an opportunity to explore mural artwork by professional artists and will create a social experience centered around three-dimensional cubes as the canvas. Murals are part of the Workhouse Arts Center’s campus history, with many examples of prisoner-created murals still visible outside of some historical prison buildings.







Richmond, Virginia
Kyle Harrell, better known as Hmbl, has been painting walls, doing illustrations and creating captivating canvases in Richmond for years. You may know his work without even realizing it. The massive dragon on the side of Fat Dragon, the patio of Foo Dog, the elephant in Mom’s Siam, an absolutely epic scene in the new Green Flash Brewery in Virginia Beach, a siren in San Juan, Puerto Rico — his work is all over the city, the state and the world.

Northern Virginia
Hailing from Northern Virginia come the master of art disaster BS. For well over a decade BS has been on a mad artist creation spree in a multitude of disciplines. From fine art, to sculptures, to reclaiming & remixing fine art from the thrift store to murals BS does it all.

Washington, D.C.
Ira Bell better known as “Wiink” is a graffiti artist based in DMV area, a Washington DC Native but raised in Prince George’s County, MD. Drawing came easy to Ira in his early years so he ventured into different mediums over time with his favorite being Aerosol cans and Airbush. He specializes in character art. Cartoons have always been apart of Wiink’s art style so he uses that love for animation into all of his original art. When College wasn’t an option for Ira , Wiink decided to become a true student to his craft and educate himself. Although he is without formal training from any school or university, he is a very accomplished artist looking to share his art with the world. Some of his recent works are still up and running in the DMV, A Custom Bear statue outside of Ben’s Upstairs on Hst, Marvin Gaye Mural on Minnesota Ave and several pieces done in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Wiink ‘s art relates to things and the people in his community. His main goal is to put smiles on the faces of all viewers. He is a very open-minded person and believes that “Art has no Color”. Just like Cartoons art is for all people and should end with a smile. He is currently working several projects servicing the great people of DC Maryland and Virginia.

Marly McFly
Newport News, VA
I am an self-taught artist from Newport News, VA. I began to pursue art as a child drawing everything from cartoons, comics, action figures and athletes. My inner thoughts and my experiences are captured through layers of bright bold colors and patterns coupled with images from my childhood which are utilized to express myself. I consider my art a mix of pop and street art. I draw influences from my surroundings and try to incorporate the ever changing world of pop culture into my artwork. My intention as an artist is to continue to grow and use my art as my ticket to see the world. My artistic development continues to grow with each concept placed on the canvas. By visiting my site you have a front row seat. Come grow with me. Welcome to my world, viewed through my eyes, the Artist

Baltimore, Maryland
Born in southern Virginia during the seventies to a family where art was not practiced or encouraged, Qrcky was drawn instinctively to Chuck Jones’ cartoons, Norman Rockwell’s c, and Bob Ross’ PBS show. Qrcky would try to imitate their art while watching cartoons. Twenty years later and entirely desolated by a bad marriage and subsequent relationships, Qrcky began to paint reverting to the kinds of self-expression he felt closest to as a child. Finding freedom in his art, Qrcky found his voice but exiled himself away from friends and family. He discovered that under emotional distress and displacement he was able to focus and paint at his strongest while feeling content and whole.

Paris Allen
Richmond, Virginia
Paris Delanian Allen was raised in the small town of Amelia, Va. at an early age, her mother’s daily make-up rounte and stepbrother Antoine Jackson’s artistic skills, fascinated and inspired her to draw and paint. “In 2003, Junior year of high school, Paris’ mother (Cynthia Sims) became ill with a rare eye condition called keratoconus causing her to go blind. As the year went by without finding a matching eye donor, Paris took care of her mother and reading her mail. She started working at McDonalds to help with bills. At this point Paris stopped drawing. “Art wasn’t fun to me anymore. My mom wasn’t able to see what I was creating. I always looked to her for validation and encouragement on what I was drawing.” 5 years later Paris had a beautiful baby girl. With a successful eye transplant, Paris’ mother was able to see and enjoy outings with her new grandchild. “We were at ROSS one day and my mom bought me a paint set.” At this time Paris was encountering a severe domestic violence relationship with her child’s father. Looking to resources for help Paris came in contact with a shelter in Reston, Va. Once Paris was alerted on a bed opening, she instantly left her home with her and her baby with one packed bag. “On my way out the door something told me grab my paint set my mother bought me.” Living at the shelter, Paris started to paint again in parks and on the street with her daughter by her side. “I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was dealing with. Friends, Family, no one. So I started to put my feelings on canvas.” While living at the shelter, Paris was notified of a vacancy at Creighton Court Projects. Paris continued to paint as a form of expression and started posting pieces of her work on Facebook. Offers to buy started rolling in, then personalized requests. Paris turned her living room into a studio and started painting full time. In May 2017 Paris moved from Creighton Court projects into a home. “My daughter deserves a better life and environment it’s my job to give it to her.” Upon Paris’ move into her new home her mother’s battle with cancer returned but this time with no insurance. In November 2017 Paris was asked to paint live at the Children’s Museum of Virginia. Her piece went on auction to help raise awareness for domestic violence. “Everything has come full circle and now Im able to help give back to women that are in the same situation that I was in. The same situation that made me pick up my brush and start painting, has me back helping others. I truly feel like this is my calling.” Paris is striving now more than ever to help save her mother . She is a traveling artist, artist instructor, body painter, muralist and celebrity painter. ” When I can’t find the right words to say, I just paint what I feel and let my art speak for me”.

Hamilton Glass
Richmond, Virginia
Hamilton Glass’s career as an artist stems from his architecture and design background. Despite working in the architecture field for 7 years, his passion for public art pushed him to start a career as an artist. Public art has always been a big influence and inspiration of his, because of its power to influence and inspire the surrounding community. With every project he is given to create, a message is built in that connects the work to the community to in which it lives. Hamilton’s work usually distinguished by his use of architectural elements with bright vivid colors and sharp lines. The colors and unpredictable lines are used to convey a certain energy and movement in each piece.

Matt Riegner
Fairfax, Virginia
Matthew Riegner was born in 1979 and started drawing at age 4. Throughout high school he fell in love with Hip-Hop culture and shifted his artistic focus towards graffiti. In early 1996, he set out to do his first piece on a wall and immediately was hooked. After several names, he took on the moniker “WHO?” in 1998 which represented his struggle in finding himself, and a play on the anonymity in doing graffiti. In 1999, after signing up for his first formal painting class in college, he put down the spray paint cans to learn more formal and traditional techniques and mediums. Although taking classes, at the local community college he never pursued a degree in Fine Arts. Much of what he has learned is from self-instruction and a curiosity for learning new concepts, doing commission work outside of his regular style, and the easy accessibility to many materials from working at local art supply stores. He returned to doing walls in 2010 when he was introduced to legal walls and the access to better quality paint and materials. Since then he has been active within northern Virginia and DC art scene producing murals for many established companies and local non-profits, as well as, participating in many gallery showings. He served on the board of directors for The Fairfax Art League, where he dramatically transformed the gallery space and hosted several shows and worked closely with The City of Fairfax Commission of the Arts.

His work has been featured in many news outlets like NBC evening news, The LA Times, and The Washington Post and can be found on businesses like Pepco, Caboose Brewing Co., and Katora Coffee. Often his work is mistaken for not being his due to the variety of styles of artwork he creates, whether from commissions, learning, or creative exploration and because he often will not even sign his own work.

Fueled by curiosity, he always is pushing to grow and learn new techniques, styles, and mediums. Currently he has been doing formal studies to refine his own work and adapt his love of contemporary, portraiture, illustration, graphic design, and graffiti together.

Joey Allen
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Joey Allen is a self-taught graffiti pop artist, hailing from Winston Salem, North Carolina. Joey’s artistic style blends bright colors with modern icons and timeless pop characters. He uses an array of mediums including spray paint, acrylic, pastel, oil, collage, resin and marker. Joey’s pieces have been sold in major markets globally; while his latest works are available for viewing in the Arts District of Downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina at each Gallery Hop and galleries nationwide.

Silly Genius
Founder of All City Art Club and one half of the artistic duo BlackBelt Jones, SillyGenius is a man of many mediums. Illustration. Street art. Photography. Using his talents and creativity to affect social change, his goal is to “be kind and make dope shit.”

Washington, DC
I’m a visual artist working in the DC metropolitan area. My work is a collage style of various themes, characters, paintings, and colors that encourage viewers to identify the various pieces of the painting that make the image a whole. Similar to playin g a game of “Where’s Waldo. Recognizing various pieces within the paintings encourage feelings of nostalgia and self presence in the paintings. Aiming to make the work relatable by making the viewer see themselves in the painting, something like looking in the mirror.





We are excited to have SNRG join us and perform live at the Workhouse Mural Project (WMP) and Festival!

SNRG also affectionately referred to as “The Super Barrio Brothers” Aaron “eyespk” and Beau “L.A.S.T.O.N.E.” Canlas, is an independent song-writing duo that grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, but their cultural identity is rooted across the world in the province of Pampanga. They have resided in the Philippines for years while maintaining their own radio and television program.




Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to get involved with the inaugural Workhouse Mural Project and Festival. You can participate as a vendor, delight guests with your food truck, or even be on-site as an artist! And of course there are a few, exclusive sponsorship opportunities still available for this year’s festival. You can also choose to volunteer before, during, or after the event to help us make the magic happen! All the contact info you’ll need is located below.

Elena Romanova
Director of Development

TJ Greene
Event Operations Lead

Alex Kortenhoeven
Development Associate


*Please note the inclement weather date for this event is August 24.


August 3, 2019
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Entire Campus
Workhouse Arts Center 9518 Workhouse Way
Lorton, VA 22079 United States

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