Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Program produces exciting shows like 39 Steps, Solitary Confinement, and the Rocky Horror Show. It also curates the best of regional and national performers to bring stand-up comedy, concerts, and special performances to the Workhouse’s 100-seat theater in building W-3 as well as to the Workhouse’s outdoor performance spaces.

Due to the closure of the Workhouse Campus in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Workhouse Performing Arts program has create virtual cabarets and interviews with performers, choreographers and more. You can view them below or follow us on Facebook to catch them live.

Learn more about the Performing Arts program at the Workhouse with this FAQ video!

Performing Arts FAQs

Virtual Cabarets

Our Virtual Cabarets bring together some of the most talented performers in the DC area! Enjoy!

Virtual Cabaret Episode 4

Virtual Cabaret Episode 3

Virtual Cabaret Episode 1

Virtual Cabaret Episode 2

Chat & Sip

Enjoy these Chat & Sip interviews conducted by Performing Arts Coordinator Liz Colandene with actors, performers, choreographers and more.

Chat & Sip with Barbara Lawson

Chat & Sip with Stefan Sittig

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