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Instagram: BrittConley_Artist

Facebook: MusicVisualist

Media: Drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture

Biography: Britt began her drawing tutelage at an early age from her artist grandfather while her mother taught her about sound shapes, pianists and composers. Between these aural and visual experiences and her synesthesia, she developed a passion toward the artistic visualization of music.  By the early 1980’s, she began her first career as the drummer for a Washington D.C. based band at the age of 15. By day she managed her academics and art education in both high school and college, while by night, heading out to perform around the D.C. club scene. During this time her love of art and expression was heavily delved into through her art studies and art degree. She has also enjoyed a long career in photojournalism beginning in London, at News International, where she interned at the Times, learning graphics, digital imaging, photography, photo editing and photojournalism. This was followed by nearly 15 years at USA Today, working in photography, photo-editing, digital imaging and on the Life picture desk as well as photo editing for Baseball Weekly.

Britt holds a Bachelors in Fine Arts from George Washington University in Painting with a minor in Art History, an Associates in Photography (Studio Lighting) from Northern Virginia Community College, a Masters in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University in Independent Study, concentrating in Philosophy of Art, Art History and culminating her studies in Neuro-Aesthetics, and a certificate in Art History: The History of Color from the University of Cambridge, UK, International School, Summer Program.

Artist Statement: I personify music in hopes to change the way people listen to Classical or Jazz, in hope of changing a passing tune, into a chewable, authored journey. I work in mixed media, painting, glass, wood, metals and anything I can find, to personify a musical work or composer’s, sound, ambiance, intent, or concepts and decision making process by utilizing the visualization of it’s concept, physics and offering visualizations of the magic behind the music; tangible musicality vs. theory.


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