Arches Gallery, W-9

What material(s) does the artist work in?

Mixed Media

What has influenced the artist’s artwork?

My mother, an oil painter, was my biggest influence.  I also admired the works of master painters Seurat and Vermeer.  My artist friends also inspire me.

What is the artist’s background?

Carol attended Radford College for BFA.  She has apprenticed with sculptor Retha Gambaro.  She continues to learn and experience new avenues of art by taking classes at the Workhouse Arts Center, Lorton, VA in metal clay jewelry making, ceramics, and abstract art.

Artistic philosophy:  For me, art is reflection, healing, and imagination.  Art is a snapshot of existence and/or an image of positive energy.  Art is powerful and sublime.  Art is everything around us.  If it creates a conversation between two people…it’s considered art.

An interesting fact about the artist:   I collect other artists’ art work.

Meet Carol during the the third Friday of every month from 11-6 in Gallery 9.


Discover how our mission comes to life at our Second Saturday Art Walk.
The second Saturday of every month, from 6p-9p. Fine art galleries, artists, live music, wine + craft beer, and so much more!

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