Building W-6, 606A



Media: Painting, Mixed Media, Digital Art/NFT

The Mechanical City 2020 Acrylic on Hardboard
Delta 8 2020 Digitally Altered Photograph
Geisha 1 2018 Acrylic on Canvas
Sword Fighter 2020 Digitally Altered Photograph
Nautical 2020 Acrylic on Canvas
Portrait of Husband 2020 Digitally Altered Photograph

Background: Elizabeth Blaisdell is an abstract impressionist painter and photographer. She likes to manipulate images, and her process is developed through layers created over time. Blaisdell’s art is often seen differently by different viewers, and therefore there is no “right way” to hang most of her paintings. Because of this, she signs all her work on the back of the canvas and the direction of the signature has no baring on the direction that the canvas is hung.

In addition to painting, Blaisdell enjoys photography, in particular manipulating photographs digitally to create a certain mood or emotion from an image that others may overlook in everyday life. This has recently led her to become interested in the concept of NFTs, and digital ownership of art — a topic that she has started to explore more fully both conceptually and in her actual art.

Artistic Philosophy: Blaisdell is a contemporary feminist abstract expressionist who takes much of her influence from the psychoanalytic/Freudian art movement. She believes art is a window into the subconscious. Trained as a clinical psychologist, she follows in the footsteps of famous psychologists who expressed much of what they could not express verbally in the form of art. Blaisdell believes that art speaks to each viewer individually. The question “what does this look like to you” is answered by the viewer’s individual and internal narrative between themselves and the art. Therefore, Blaisdell‘s art is a shared experience that is both personal to each viewer and universal to all viewers.


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