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Building W8, Studio 814

Ceramic Artist

Influences: Kristen’s ceramic practice revolves around the observation of nature. But nature’s unpredictability and her attempts to tame it and organize it are what ultimately inform her work. Creating organic forms through the manipulation of the ceramic medium then becomes a metaphor for experience.

Artistic Philosophy: Kristen invites others to share in her ceramic sculptures that mirror some of the characteristics found in nature. The delicacy of the finished product is perhaps the most prominent aspect of her work. Kristen states this is because she does not want her audience to feel overwhelmed by her sculptures, but feel drawn to them, to get as close as
one can to observe the surface quality and fragility of each part. She further explains that the experience of viewing her work should feel as if one were in a new environment where discoveries can be made. Additionally, close observation should elicit feelings, or even memories, that will then allow the viewer to become a part of the dialogue of experience. Kristen hopes change happens through this interaction by inviting quiet contemplation, which then elicits some type of reaction. And this can be as simple as pausing to observe
something she has created more closely.

Background: Kristen is a life-long artist. Although she began her career as a both a painter and printmaker with a fine arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Kristen found ceramics to be a more satisfying medium in which to express herself. After raising a family, Kristen went back to school and received her MFA in Ceramics from Herron School of Art
and Design at IUPUI. She is currently an emerging artist at the Workhouse Arts Center.


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