Arches Gallery / W-9

Media: Photography

Artistic Influences: Marc’s influences are generally from outside the medium of photography, including the short film work of Maurice Binder and the paintings of Pino Daeni, Henry Asencio, and Gustav Klimt. Marc has also been strongly influenced by the communication of the human form from dance choreographers including Bob Fosse and Abel Solares. Graphic artists like Ben Edlund, Arthur Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Dave Mckean have also been inspirations for Marc’s photography.

Background: Marc has been a photographer for several years, but is self-taught. Local photographers like Charles Butler, Yama Terrell and Shane Evans provided significant guidance and helped Marc in his early work as a photographer.

Artistic Philosophy: Marc attempts to capture moments of motion, emotion and change, and preserve them as snapshots in time. He has worked with dancers, aerialists, contortionists and other performers, translating their dynamic arts into a static image. Marc’s work with textures, fabrics, paints, colors, smoke, and fog are intended as an extension of the energy being created by his subjects.


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