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Mix media & Byzantine Iconography

Includes: Metalsmithing, Calligraphy, unique Jewelry, painted Glass,           Folk painting, Ba-relief, Encaustic and Recycled Art

Artist statement: Designing is like breathing for me. The creating art is not only a necessity of my life but the way I engage and experience Nature and see blessings that convey a touch of peace and silence. Iconography is a large part of my being and all my art revolves around the Russian Orthodox liturgical life. Iconography provides me with rules and procedures yet unlock infinite possibilities.

Icons were first created in wax in the catacombs, influenced by the Hellenistic tomb portraits. Later, egg tempera allowed a more stable way to create icons. I am allergic to eggs, so after several years of hives, I now use acrylic gouache paints. I am always looking for a proper way to show icons in other ways. Mixed media, for example, pushes my boundaries. If I read about some new technique in a book or blog, I find ways to explore or incorporate it. The ideas are endless.

In Romania and the Ukraine, the new glass factories made reverse painted icons more cost effective. On the Greece coast where wood is rare, they painted on stucco tiles that came off the roofs or port doors from ships. Jewelry making and sculpture are seen in the elaborate rizas, or metal coverings, so I use it to enhance my other art forms. In the 17th century when enameling was brought to Russia, it was just another way to create icons. Through the centuries, techniques and mediums died off but now are making their way back into homes and churches.

Each piece I create is unique, one of a kind.

I like the idea of miss matched or slightly varied, asymmetrical pieces with a twist of a surprise element. I take traditional patterns and incorporate them into my works. The icons are very detailed and precious, so when I do other things, I bring whimsy to this century old art form. Just as the metals adorn icon paintings, I like to give my relief prints, jewelry, or recycled items something shiny you wouldn’t expect. I see my heritage in everything.


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