W6- 608C

Media: Mixed Media

Background: Nanette is a very passionate self-taught artist with a good grasp on a variety of medium. Her choice of medium for every artwork depends on the mood and aura of the subject. Her connection with art started during early childhood painting her dogs and eventually doing portraits of friends later on. She finds inspiration in nature, the changing of seasons, the randomness of life, and reactions of people to different moments in their lives.

Heart of Glass oil and gold leaf 2021
Vintage Marbles Pastel 2020
The Queen's Strawberries Oil 2020
Frosty Blue twilight Oil 2020
Unconditional Oil and Gold Leaf 2021
The Photographer Pastel 2017
Afternoon Delight Pastel 2020
Tres Marias Pastel 2020
In Character Watercolor 2021
You Are Golden Oil 2020

Catching sunsets and embracing the golden hour fuels excitement for her landscape paintings while observing the mundane, and people’s raw emotions inspire her portraitures. Dabbling in fashion led her to hand painting clothes and accessories, thus creating and customizing unique wearable art for clients. Edible art in the form of hand-painted cakes for special events also gives her a creative platform in the culinary world. Many of her paintings are now in the homes of clients. A doctor of medicine by profession, she applies the same amount of dedication and passion to her craft as an artist. Art heals in so many different ways, and she stands by it.

Artistic Philosophy: Find beauty in the ordinary. For this artist, art is integral and should be bravely explored. Breathe positivity when you fail fantastically. Art is meant to be shared, and the gift of talent should be used wisely. Her simple and greatest joy is conveying that passion, telling the story and touching the viewer with her art.


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