Medium(s): Acrylic, Colored Pencil, and Watercolor

Subjects: Landscapes, Skyscapes, Florals, Animals, and Miscellaneous

My body of work is primarily representational, inspired by the beauty of nature, and is not limited to any one style or medium. A career in graphic arts influences my methodology, ensuring compositions that are balanced in movement and color. I often chose a square format for my art to invoke a more contemporary aesthetic. My travel and photography provides me with inspiration and abundant material for my paintings.

I enjoy drawing attention to the details of ordinary things that often pass unnoticed by the viewer, such as the different colors seen in shadows or the specks on leaves left by insect bites. I find that by losing myself in the process of creating, the everyday stresses of life disappear. I would hope that my art would evoke that same feeling in the viewer, taking them outside their busy, hectic lives, to see the world in a different light. Using bright, cheerful colors I hope to elevate the spirit, causing the viewer to slow down, smile, and enjoy the moment. If my art motivates that sort of peaceful reflection, I feel the piece is a success.


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