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Building 6, Studio 608 B



Medium: Watercolor

Background: During the first interval of her career, Terry displayed expertise predominantly using her left brain with a career in mathematics, education and research. Her right brain was stimulated with an artistic flair in 2008 when she enrolled in watercolor classes. Her love of flowers is reflected in her close-up views, vivid colors and realistic details. Terry earned several degrees in mathematics, education and research in Colorado, Mississippi and Virginia. Terry is a juried member of Potomac Valley Watercolorists, where she served as Exhibit Chair, a signature member of Virginia Watercolor Society, and participating member of local artist guilds. Her paintings are represented in local, state and national artist organizations. Her love of teaching continues in her approach to developing the artistic talents of each student.

Influences: Terry is influenced by Georgia O’Keefe’s close-up views of flowers. She invites the viewer to analyze the harmony of colors, the effect of light touching the form, the details of the flower’s form, and the illusions created in the background with softness of hues and dramatic tones of color. Her mathematics background has her left brain combine with her artistic right brain to interpret color and realistic details. Recently, after many traveling experiences, Terry has expanded her style to recall memories of the Italian landscapes and detailed images of birds from the Galapagos.

Artistic Philosophy: Terry is an energetic person who discovered drawing and painting as a means to fulfill a creative side. Terry’s work is directed to see the details and vivid colors of flowers, animals and birds. She enjoys walking through a garden acknowledging the beauty and feels a sense of excitement as she creates an image as an expression of her energy through her right and left brain.


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