Rene Vincit is a contemporary abstract painter whose bold brushstrokes, colorful paint spatters, and dark contrasted imagery give the viewer a raw impression of the artist’s deepest emotions. Interested in darker themes and the joys of life, Rene Vincit, always conveys a dialectical manifestation of the human spirit. “After returning from war, I needed a way to process all the traumatic events in my life, painting did exactly that.” Still early in his career, his work is representative of his experimentation with different techniques, styles, and manipulation of resin. “My mind is unable to focus on one set style of painting. Once I create something, I immediately want to try a new technique. I guess twenty years of silence have left me screaming through my paintbrush.” #metoo


Discover how our mission comes to life at our Second Saturday Art Walk.
The second Saturday of every month, from 6p-9p. Fine art galleries, artists, live music, wine + craft beer, and so much more!

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