Meet Our Monthly Featured Artists!

The Workhouse Arts Center has over 60 resident visual artists throughout our artist buildings as well as the Arches Gallery. Each month, we feature individual artists or a group of artists from each building as our Monthly Featured Artists. The artists exhibit a current body of work either solo or as part of a group and during our Second Saturday Artwalk they are onsite to speak about their work during the exhibit opening reception.

Our Second Saturday Artwalks have been virtual since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and we hope to return to live Second Saturday Artwalks soon.

Moving forward we will be sharing our monthly featured artists and their exhibits here!

Sarah Petty – January 2021 Building 8 Featured Artist

Sarah Petty is our January Featured Artist for Building 8! Learn more about Petty and her solo show, “Crisis Entanglement” below. Artist Statement I have heard so many stories of people’s lives being turned upside down during this time of quarantine and political and social calamity. On a personal note, in less than a year, I have changed my whole business, took a five month long break from creating, left my abuser, found an expensive apartment, started dating the love of my life, and found out, unbeknownst to me, that I have been surrounded by love my whole life. During […]


“New Year, New Work” – January 2021 Building 6 Featured Artists

For January 2021, the artists of Building 6 present “New Year, New Work.” These artworks feature a variety of mediums, including oil paint, encaustic, fiber, acrylic, and watercolor. Galleries are open Friday through Sunday from noon to 5 PM. Artists include: Terry Anstrom Kate Baker Gwendolyn Bragg Cheryl VanderMolen Neway Gil Rivera Marilyn Harrington Joan Hutten Gretchen Klimoski Ann Liddle Marisela Rumberg


“Hazy Shades of Winter” – January 2021 Building 5 Featured Artists

To start off the new year, Building W-5 is featuring seasonally inspired artwork by Lynn Goldstein, Phoebe Twichell Peterson, and Michele Montalbano in a group exhibition called “Hazy Shades of Winter.” You may recognize these three artists from their previous “Color Theories” exhibition from December 2020. Each piece beautifully captures the rawness of winter and features a variety of media, including oil paint, cold wax, and graphite. Reacquaint yourself with the works of Goldstein, Peterson, and Montalbano and delight in these delicate and enchanting artworks. Galleries are open Friday through Sunday from noon to 5 PM. Artists include: Lynn Goldstein […]


Arches Gallery – December 2020 Building 9 Featured Artists

For November and December the Arches Artists showcase their favorite works in a vibrant group show in Arches Gallery. Come enjoy a brilliant selection of work in photography, paper collage construction, oil paint, pastel, encaustic, fabric collage /stitching, and mixed media. It’s a feast for the eyes as we celebrate the holidays! This special exhibit is open through January 2nd, 2021. The trash can beside the door inspired the title “Dead End” for this paper construction collage by Katharine Owens. She selected this view of the city because of the juxtaposition of the colorful townhouse with the dark industrial buildings […]


“Glasshouse Holiday Showcase” – December 2020 Building 7 Featured Artists

’Tis the season for the Glasshouse Holiday Showcase in building W7. This group show is a delightful display of glass gifts in all shapes and sizes, offering fused glass, flameworked glass, stained glass, cast glass and mosaics created as functional, sculptural and wearable art. Find that perfect holiday gift of jewelry, ornaments, votives, dishes and bowls, wall and table art. Discover ideal gifts for family, friends, coworkers and more! Holiday Showcase is on display in the Glasshouse Gallery from December 2020 through January 2021. Artists include: Candi Durusu Sandi Martina Cheryl Peasley Karen Abbott Suellen Black David Barnes Anita Damron […]


Gwendolyn Bragg – December 2020 Building 6 Featured Artist

Gwendolyn Bragg is our December Featured Artist for Building 6! Bragg’s solo exhibit, “Painting History – ‘Places Where the Past is Near,’” runs December 9, 2020 through January 3, 2021. Learn more about Bragg and her work below. Artist Statement I have always been drawn to old or abandoned places and sites. I’m curious as to what went on there, both what we know and what must be only speculation. Civilizations rise and fall. What they leave behind – and what we think we know about the people of the past – is open to many interpretations. These recent paintings […]


“Color Theories” – December 2020 Building 5 Featured Artists

Building W-5 is featuring a group show called “Color Theories” from December 11, 2020 through January 3, 2021. “Color Theories” showcases a selection of artwork exploring color theories. Artists include: Phoebe Peterson Michele Montalbano Lynn Goldstein


Cheryl VanderMolen Neway – November 2020 Building 6 Featured Artist

Cheryl VanderMolen Neway is our November Featured Artist for Building 6! Neway’s solo exhibit, “When Worlds Collide,” runs November 11 through December 6. Learn more about Neway and her work below. Artist Statement “When Worlds Collide” is a Playful, Adventurous, and Experimental Journey with Up-cycled and New Fabrics for Wearables, Accessories, and Wall Decor. Cheryl VanderMolen Neway, owner of Perfect Mistakes, is a batik artist, designer and seamstress. She is experimenting with different techniques in natural to commercial grade dyeing. She is up-cyling used clothes and transforming them into something new. Cheryl is also working with new fabric as a […]


Britt Conley – November 2020 Building 10 Featured Artist

Britt Conley is our November Featured Artist for Building 10! Conley’s solo exhibit, “The Conductor Envisioned,” runs November 9 through December 8. Reception will be held November 21. Learn more about Conley and her work below. Artist Statement Britt is a synesthesic music-visualist who creates artistic works that visually represent music via personifying composers writing styles, concepts of the musical composition process or particular music pieces. She often collaborates with composers and musicians for event-based exhibitions. Born in the mid-60s in Washington D.C., Britt began her drawing tutelage at an early age, and under the influence of her artist and […]

Medusa by Anne Hollis

Arches Gallery – October 2020 Building 9 Featured Artists

Our Arches Gallery is featuring a group show called Artist’s Choice from September 12, 2020 through November 1, 2020. Artist’s Choice showcases a selection of Arches Gallery Artists’ favorite works.  Expect to see an exciting variety of styles and media including abstract minimalism, contemporary realism, collage, encaustic and more. Visit the show at Arches Gallery (W-9) on Saturdays, Sept 12th thru October 31st. Artists include: Anne Hollis Gene Moty Sandra Lewin Marc Pachon Carol Mather


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