Vulcan Gallery (W-16)

Vulcan Gallery Events + Exhibits

The Vulcan Gallery exhibits cutting-edge, innovative works by emerging and professional artists.

Muse (W-16)

Muse Events + Exhibits

The Muse, located at the rear of the first floor, offers a quiet space for personal reflection, collaboration, and creative enrichment.

Warrior Way (W-16)

Warrior Way Gallery Events + Exhibits

Curated by our military artist-in-residence, this space features artwork by active and retired service members.

McGuireWoods (W-16)

McGuireWoods Gallery Events + Exhibits

The McGuireWoods Gallery is located upstairs and showcases exhibitions ranging from local high school student art to world-renowned international artists.

Art Lab (W-16)

Art Lab Events + Exhibits

The Art Lab is curated in partnership with the faculty and students of university MFA programs and features the exciting works of the region’s emerging artists.

Lucy Burns Museum

Learn More About The Museum

Discover the complex social, political, and emotional histories that shaped the Workhouse’s nearly 100-year life as the former DC Correctional Complex at Lorton. Docents (available during limited hours) will guide you through stories of prisoners’ daily lives, the role of the Workhouse in the region, and its connection to the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the early 1900s.

Buildings W-5, W-6, W-10

Browse Workhouse Artists

Buildings W-5, W-6, and W-10 are home to studios for some of our Resident Artists who create and exhibit art at the Workhouse. At the front of each building is a gallery to display works of artists from that particular building, which are also available to purchase. Additionally, each building features classroom space for some of the more than 800 arts, culinary, and other classes offered at the Workhouse each year.

Glasshouse (W-7)

Learn More About The Glass Program

The Glass Program’s studio facility is home to a number of glass resident and emerging artists who occupy our private and shared studio spaces, and whose works range from the functional to the sculptural. A retail glass gallery at the front of the building exhibits and sells works of art by the program’s artists.

Ceramics (W-8)

Learn More About The Ceramics Program

The Ceramics Program’s facility on the Workhouse campus provides studio space for resident ceramics artists in private or shared studio spaces, creating works of ceramic art across a broad spectrum of styles and techniques and range from the functional to the sculptural. A retail gallery at the front of the building provides space for the exhibition and sale of works of art by the program’s artists.

Arches Gallery (W-9)

Learn More About The Arches Gallery

In addition to our Resident Artists program, the Workhouse maintains the Arches Gallery for local artists who don’t require dedicated studio space but still want to be part of the collaborative, creative, and exciting atmosphere on campus. A gallery in Building W-9 is reserved for and curated by Arches Gallery artists to showcase their work.


Volunteer at the Workhouse Arts Center
Contact our volunteer coordinator at 703-584-2900 or click the button to view available volunteer opportunities.

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